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These wonderfully tangy and slightly sour breads are such a treat! We enjoy as toast with our homemade preserves. Or you could slice these rounds and make an incredable toast or grilled cheese sandwich!  You can find these at our Farmstand or Farmers Market. But hurry, They go Fast!!

As with all handbaked or crafted items, each one is unique and may have different shapes or colors. But we strive to always use the same tecnique and recipe every time!


Our Sourdough is made weekly! We start our process every Thursday morning so it can be ready to bake Friday, and ready for Market Saturday.


Due to Minnesota Cottage food laws, Any and all homemade baked, canned, or home processed foods must be picked up by customer or delivered in person. This is for your protection. This helps to not only keep your food fresh, but also to keep contaminates and foreign bodies out during handling. 

Please see our FAQ page or message with any questions.

Sourdough Bread Pre-Order

Sourdough is available each Saturday.
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